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Ceremonial grade Matcha from the hills of Kyoto

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We would like to introduce to you: Matcha from SummerRain

Matcha from SummerRain combines an explosive blend of rich flavor, elegant aroma and pure umami. This makes every sip an experience. It's the energy boost you need in the morning. A refreshing feeling of light rain on a hot summer day. The foundation for hours of concentration and endless creativity. Our matcha helps you not to work longer, but to create more. It's nothing but good vibes delivered straight to your door.

SummerRain ceremonial grade
Ceremonial quality
SummerRain No sugar
No added sugar
SummerRain sunrise in Japan
Produced in Japan
SummerRain delicious blend
Delicious blend

Summer Club

Summer Club membership is a brand new program from SummerRain that includes a matcha package each month and exclusive access to our recipe book and new clothing items.

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Recipe Book

Unleash the full potential of matcha with recipes developed and curated by the SummerRain team, ranging from lattes and smoothies to cakes and cocktails.

Delicious taste that our community loves

Did you know that matcha is at least 3.82 times cooler than coffee? Sounds crazy or, who would have thought! Discover more fun facts and tips like this in our magazine, brought to you by SummerRain.

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Things to know

Fun Facts

It's all about good taste and so much more...

We started SummerRain as a creative playground and a way to express our love for a healthy lifestyle, positivity and creativity. Matcha is a unique and rare superfood that provides a boost of energy, serenity, happiness and focus. It is simply a gift of Japanese culture. We spent over a year finding the perfect blend and building a brand that exudes positivity. We hope you will enjoy our matcha and join us on this journey!


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Obsessed with Vanilla Matcha

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