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Simply delicious Matcha

Ceremonial grade Matcha from the hills of Kyoto, delivered straight to your door.

Limited Edition - Batch

Introducing Matcha by SummerRain It's a healhty dose of rich flavor, elegant aroma and pure Umami. It's delight in every sip. It's that needed energy boost in the morning. It's a refreshing sensation of light rain during a hot summer day. It's unlocked creativity, and hours of lazer focus. It's what your mind wants, and your body needs. It's nothing but good vibes, delivered straight to your door.

SummerRain ceremonial grade
Ceremonial quality
SummerRain No sugar
No added sugar
SummerRain sunrise in Japan
Produced in Japan
SummerRain delicious blend
Delicious blend
Vibe check of the week
Lady Cherry
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Matcha Latte by SummerRain , held in the hand of a woman on the couch.

Natural superfood, perfect for your body and mind

The remarkable properties and health benefits of Japanese Matcha tea are the result of unique harvesting, processing and blending techniques of Tencha leaves perfected over centuries by Japanese tea masters. This gives the unique green tea its bright green colour as well as its high content of vitamins, minerals and especially antioxidants, which can have a positive effect on concentration, mood, metabolism, weight loss and even overall heart and body health. In addition, matcha's versatility makes it perfect for lattes, shakes, smoothies and all kinds of baked goods.

SummerRain time
3-5 hours energy
SummerRain heart
No jitters
SummerRain sun
Lower anxiety
SummerRain energy

Super delicious, 
and super versatile

The balanced taste of our Matcha powder, fine-tuned by our award-winning tea master, makes it perfect for all kinds of drinks and other treats

Did you know that matcha is at least 3.82 times cooler than coffee? Sounds crazy or, who would have thought! Discover more fun facts and tips like this in our magazine, brought to you by SummerRain.

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Fun Facts

It's about bringing out the best in ourselves, pursuing dreams, achieving goals, and delicious lattes, of course

SummerRain is our way of promoting a healthy lifestyle full of positivity and creativity. We believe that you can achieve great things by taking small steps every day. This goes for learning new skills, advancing in your career, improving your fitness or just being happier every day.

Matcha is, simply put, a gift from Japanese culture that can help you achieve your goal. It can help you feel more energised, calmer and happier so you can focus on making the most of each day. And matcha from SummerRain is one of the highest quality matcha blends you can get, because you deserve nothing less. SummerRain is our creative playground, a home for many future projects that we hope will inspire and spread good cheer.

We're glad you're here, and we look forward to seeing you on our journey!

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