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Need a refill? With our Refill Pack, you can enjoy SummerRain Matcha again in just a few days. And the best thing is, if you're not at home, your Matcha will still be waiting for you in your letterbox thanks to our handy shipping packaging.

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€ 29 
1,2€ - 2€ per serving, VAT included
SummerRain Pouch
35 gram
17-24 servings
SummerRain Jar
SummerRain Jar
Airtight and odour-proof box
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Truly delicious Ceremonial grade Matcha

Our Matcha tea comes from the sunny hills of Kyoto, where the Tencha leaves are grown and harvested for production. For its distinctive, rich flavour, our award-winning tea master has selected and combined the choicest leaves from different varieties, each bringing a unique character to the blend. To achieve the best possible quality, the dried Tencha leaves were ground into a fine powder immediately before being shipped to Germany. This attention to detail ensures a consistent taste that you are sure to enjoy.

Matcha powder incl. airtight tin by SummerRain on a spoon.Matcha powder from SummerRain on a spoon, with bag in hand.

made in Japan, developed for Matcha

High Japanese quality

Our tin is made by skilled craftsmen in Japan and is made of a full metal casing that will last for many years.

Minimalist design that fits any interior

The SummerRain tin has a stunning matte black look and a simple and clear shape that fits perfectly with any type of interior.

Sustainable shipping boxes for Matcha by SummerRain

Shipping with sustainability in mind

We are constantly trying to develop further and believe that sustainable action can never be a closed topic 💪😇.

- Refill concept in letter format without unnecessary packaging material and reduction of new delivery attempts
- "Made for Recycling" seal from Interseroh+ thanks to a unique monoplastic
- Use of water-based colours and no petroleum-based plastics
- Short transport routes thanks to exclusively European packaging material
- Compact deliveries from Japan with filling in Germany

Nevertheless, we are always looking for ways to improve our ecological footprint. If you have any suggestions on how SummerRain can do even better, please feel free to share them with us.

In our story "Enjoying sustainable tea from Japan - is that possible?" from the SummerRain magazine, you can also find out whether we can drink tea from Japan with a clear conscience and what else SummerRain is doing to act more sustainably 🌿🌈.

Details & further information


Place of manufacture
Quality grade
Ceremonial Grade


To preserve the aroma of the matcha for as long as possible, keep it sealed in a dark and dry place.

You can tell how fresh it is by its bright green colour.


Kyoto, Japan

Handling Tips

The SummerRain jar was specially developed for storing our Matcha and seals the contents airtight thanks to the integrated rubber insert. To make cleaning easier, you can easily remove it.

P.S. On the bottom of the jar you will find a QR code to easily order new Matcha at any time.


Place of manufacture
Innovative mono plastic
Aroma protection
UV protection


In our bag, the matcha is optimally protected from moisture, UV rays and other environmental influences. The thermolamination process also eliminates the need for harmful adhesives.

Once opened, the bag can be easily resealed. After use, you can dispose of the bag in the yellow bag without hesitation thanks to the "Made for Recycling"seal. This way, the bag remains in the recycling system and is not incinerated.